About us

Savimetal, traditional quality

Savimetal was founded in 1966 in Sankt-Vith, Belgium. The original plan was to create long-term jobs in the rural region. This down-to-earth plan became a real success story. Today, Savimetal has 95 employees and is thus one of the region's most important employers.

Customers in over 60 countries have been placing their trust in the East Belgian company's tried-and-tested know-how for several decades. Their trust and loyalty help Savimetal to consolidate and deepen its activities. Savimetal also maintains long-term relationships with its suppliers, which benefit the end customers.

Investments, research and future-orientation

In a market that is characterised by increasingly strong competition, among others from Asia, Savimetal sets itself apart through regular investments in research and the further development of its technical expertise. Thanks to close customer relationships, the company follows trends, innovations and developments on the market at close range. It can thus react directly to new enquiries and always offer its customers innovative solutions.

Moreover, the current market is characterised by increasing quality demands and increasingly strict standards. Here too, Savimetal is bang up to date.


Environmental protection and responsibility in dealing with raw materials are permanent components of the corporate philosophy at Savimetal. Over the years, the company has taken various measures to reduce the effects of its activities on the environment to a minimum.

Reuse of raw materials

Savimetal buys back the worn cast parts from its customers at fair prices that are higher than the usual market value. These scrap metals are used sustainably. Thanks to its induction melting furnaces, the company is able to reuse all the alloying elements present in the metal.

Use of solar energy

Savimetal has installed a photovoltaic system with an area of 700 m2 on part of the roof, which can supply a peak power of 100 kW.

Air pollution control

The company has installed a total of 12 dedusting and filter systems. Through the extraction of around 220,000 m3 air per hour, these systems guarantee that pollutant levels fall well below the European guide values inside and outside the foundry.

Low noise emissions

All production halls are fitted with noise damping and insulating materials, so that the noise disturbance outside the production halls is reduced to a minimum.

Heat recovery

Savimetal has developed its own technical system for the use of waste heat from industrial plants to heat its buildings.

Foundry in harmony with nature

Savimetal is located in very green surroundings, between its own meadows and woods. On the works site there is a natural pond that serves to cool the induction melting furnaces and forms an eco-system of its own.