Moulding shop

We use different processes in the moulding shop. We are able to manufacture individual parts or large series at very short notice.

Modern machines meet maximum product requirements

Thanks to our semi-automatic and fully automatic machine moulders, we can manufacture individual products or even large series without further ado. We also have numerous manual moulding stations, which are manned by our experienced and competent employees. Thanks to this versatility, we can implement customer requests quickly and precisely in both small and large series.

We pay particular attention to quality in the moulding shop too. Our employees are masters of versatile techniques and receive regular further training. The precise implementation of the customers' requests is just as dear to us as adherence to the agreed deadlines.

Moulding shop - Foundry
Moulding shop - Foundry
Moulding shop - Foundry
Moulding shop - Foundry

Various mould technology concepts ensure great flexibility

Our moulding shop has different intermeshing mould technology concepts, which guarantee maximum flexibility:

  • high-performance, boxless moulding plant for the manufacture of up to 500 green sand moulds daily with a cast part weight of max. 50 kg
  • vibrating press mould systems for maximum dimensional accuracy and reproducibility for cast part weights up to max. 250 kg
  • synthetic resin moulding on a phenolic resin basis according to the polyaddition method on several plants for the highest demands; cast part weights from 0.5 kg to 3 tonnes
  • Manual moulding with bentonite-bound sands for maximum flexibility and the fulfilment of individual customer requests, particularly in the manufacture of individual parts