Quality control

The quality of our work is checked at each manufacturing step. Only in this way can we guarantee the excellent quality of the final product. Various methods are available for quality checking.

Our company is your guarantee of top quality

We guarantee continuous, systematically structured and uncompromising quality control in every manufacturing step. Starting with the incoming goods checks on the raw materials that we use and continuing with comprehensive checks in the running production through to the strict acceptance of the end product, we don't leave anything to chance.

We have the following testing methods and measuring equipment at our disposal:

  • 3D coordinate measuring device for checking the dimensions of models and cast parts
  • spectrometers for precise material analysis
  • hardness test devices according to Brinell and Rockwell
  • strength tests in accordance with DIN and EU standards
  • wall thickness measuring devices
  • ultrasonic testing
  • magnetic powder testing
  • crack testing using the dye penetration method
  • microscopy for micrographic analysis and microstructure determination
  • digital monitoring of the temperature control during heat treatment with graphic log

All measured data and evaluations are systematically archived and can be matched to the cast parts again at any time.

Quality control - Foundry
Quality control - Foundry
Quality control - Foundry
Quality control - Foundry