Our experienced technicians and engineers make their technical knowledge available for customer projects. They make proactive suggestions in order to optimise every part.

Research and development: always one step ahead

The industry's requirements for cast products have grown considerably in recent years due to the tough international competition. Cast parts must satisfy higher demands: higher strength, lower weight, thinner walls, higher dimensional accuracy, longer service life, higher temperature loads, higher wear resistance, energy efficiency, better surface quality, etc.

Considerable efforts are required here in the development of materials and processes in order to stay one step ahead of the market trend. Continuous investments in research and development, often in close cooperation with our customers, are fixtures in our corporate tradition.

Outstanding market knowledge through close customer relationships

Our engineers and technicians maintain close relationships with our customers. Hence, they follow the latest market developments at close range. They put this market knowledge and their technical knowledge of the casting industry to use for the good of our customers. We thus offer individual service and maximum planning security.

Thanks to our extensive range of services, we are able to offer our customers holistic solutions. We manufacture prototypes, small series, individual parts and large series, and we take care of the final production and quality control. Here too, our qualified employees are always available to assist our customers in word and deed.