Model joinery

Models are manufactured, maintained and if necessary repaired in our model joinery. We have our own large warehouse in which your models can be stored free of charge under ideal conditions.

Flexible model joinery for cast part weights from 0.5 kg to 3 tonnes

On the basis of our many years of experience, our employees manufacture models for cast parts with weights from 0.5 kg to 3 tonnes. These are manufactured according to our customers' precise specifications or to samples. Over the years we have adapted our production processes to suit new techniques and customer requirements. Today, we produce both CNC-milled models and handmade models. In both cases we guarantee maximum precision and dimensional accuracy.

We use only top-quality materials for the production of our models, such as laminated timber and specially developed plastics. Hence, we can guarantee the optimum model durability. If required, we cooperate closely with our customers' engineers.

Storage, maintenance and repair

Our company has a large warehouse in which customer models can be stored free of charge, properly and in a dry and correct climate.

Our model joiners naturally take care of all work necessary for the maintenance of the models. We also take care of the repair of different model variants. This work is, of course, performed to the highest quality standards.

Model joinery - Foundry
Model joinery - Foundry

This approach offers only advantages to our customers:

  • financial advantages, because storage space is saved and no transport is necessary
  • fast availability of the models in case of an order
  • low risk of damage
  • individual manufacturing on the basis of customer drawings
  • experienced model joiners at your service