Understandably, everything revolves around safety in the automotive sector. We guarantee maximum precision in complying with the alloys and mechanical strength values. Various quality check are carried out directly on site.

Meeting the high demands of the automotive industry

It is only natural that vehicle manufacturers have to conform to the highest safety standards. Therefore, their suppliers also have to offer top quality. That is precisely what our employees try to implement every day. We produce series cast parts in the highest quality grades and with maximum dimensional accuracy as well as safety parts. These meet the customer requirements with regard to mechanical properties.

Our European customers, who include noted vehicle manufacturers, value our wide range of products. We offer the most diverse alloys, including cast steel and stainless steel. We also manufacture tempered steels in our works. In the process, we guarantee maximum precision in conforming to the standards.

Quality and safety checking of the cast parts

From experience, we know that our customers have to conform to the strictest safety standards. For this reason our parts are tested in various ways: ultrasonic testing, magnetic powder testing, dye penetration testing and even X-ray testing. Through investing in this testing expenditure, we not only save the customer time, but also administrative work.

If desired, we can store the manufactured parts in our halls and offer just-in-time deliveries.

Among others, we manufacture the following parts for vehicle construction:

  • chassis parts for coaches and city buses
  • brake block holders for rail vehicles
  • various parts for agricultural vehicles
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