Steel Industry

We supply all common and custom parts to the steel and metallurgical industry. We can meet specific requirements with regard to resistance to heat and wear.

Many years of experience in the manufacture of cast parts for the steel industry

The steel and metallurgical industry remains a key factor in economic growth. After all, steel is processed in various areas. We are familiar with the various requirements of our customers and are able to implement them.

Our experienced engineers put their technical knowledge to use for our customers and projects. They assist you with advice. They aren't satisfied with blindly implementing enquiries, but think for themselves and make proactive suggestions to our customers.

From the individual part to a large series

Our range of services is extremely extensive. We manufacture both individual parts and large series. We can deliver individual parts quickly and reliably. From experience, we know that some parts are urgently needed in order to avoid financial losses due to standstills. We are able to manufacture these individual parts at extremely short notice.

When it comes to large series, we attach great importance to repeatability. We adhere to very small tolerances. If there are shortages at the customer, we try to significantly shorten our delivery times.

Our experts know that resistance to heat and wear plays a fundamental role in the steel and metallurgical industry. Accordingly, we pay particular attention to that. Of course, we also offer our customers a versatile range of alloys. From tempered and stainless steels to chromium steel chill casting and from Ni-Hard to austenitic manganese steel, our customers get everything from a single source.

Among others, we manufacture the following parts for the steel industry:

  • sintering grate bars
  • pellet grate bars
  • side walls for grate wagons
  • crusher stars for sinter crushers
  • bell for spray seal
  • double cone valves for dedusting sintering plants
  • material flaps and levers for blast furnace feeding
  • cooler plates
  • wearing plates and rings for bunkers
Steel Industry - Applications
Watercooled intermediate cone
Steel Industry - Applications
Steel Industry - Applications
Steel Industry - Applications
Steel Industry - Applications
Steel Industry - Applications
Steel Industry - Applications