General mechanical engineering

Through close customer relationships we follow the latest developments in the mechanical engineering sector. Only in this way can we offer the corresponding technologies and services.

Innovative solutions thanks to close customer relationships

Competition in the mechanical engineering sector is increasingly hard, among other things with regard to the technology lead as well as energy and cost efficiency. We can directly follow new technical developments and requirements thanks to close customer relationships. They demand continuous product improvements and optimization of their productivity from the casting industry.

We face this challenge on the basis of tradition and innovation consciousness. Major investments in research, development and optimization of the customers' cast parts are matters of course for us.

Versatile cast parts for mechanical engineering

We manufacture various cast parts for mechanical engineering. Our customers value our versatility with regard to alloys as well as the precision and quality of our work.

Individual items often need to be manufactured. Here too, we put our technical knowledge and experience to use for our customers. We make proactive suggestions to improve the service lives of the parts or the cost efficiency.

Among others, we manufacture the following parts for general mechanical engineering:

  • bearing housings
  • bearing shells
  • gear wheels and chain links
  • universal joints
  • screw conveyors for the food and animal fodder industries
  • parts for the construction of agricultural machinery
  • parts for blasting systems
  • turbine blades for large fans
  • milling heads for machine tools
  • gearbox housings
General mechanical engineering
General mechanical engineering
General mechanical engineering
General mechanical engineering